Creative by nature

Design in Taiwan is the Portfolio of graphic & web designer Matt Regan, a showcase of web design, branding and graphic design.


Creativity online knows no bounds. I'm a graphic design guy at heart, and my real talent is exploring creativity through the web with work that spans across Asia, Europe, Australia.

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About Me

Australian Matt Regan set out to explore the world in 2003 and eventually landed in Taiwan – the place he now calls home. He has been designing logos and graphic material, illustrating and building solutions since his days at uni and has had work published in numerous graphic novels and periodicals. When not creating, Matt is on his motorcycle looking for a new road. He drove across India and into the Himalayas in 2006 and has circled his current homeland 10 times over.

I've built up 10+ years of experience servicing clients across in Taiwan and web design, from graphic design, identities & logos to large e-commerce ventures & applications for mobile.

Currently I spend most of my time at Blimp Creative. The combined efforts of myself and fellow designer James Li. When we're not busy pushing pixels, we spend time over at Exit Labs making fine carry goods for a stroll in the bush.

The Creative Process


The priority is thinking about the big picture. Understanding the design needs of the project and formulating a concept that will be unique.


Taking the dreams and making them a reality. This is an iterative process that focuses on the set requirements, & a dash of creativity.


Dreams are one thing, but they also need to be built. I'm a front-end specialist, and have access to all the tools for development of back-end systems.


Building any project is an intense process. It's important to check your position and make sure you're following the plan.

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